Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conflicted Conviction

Hi, I'm Michelle. I grew up loving sweets. I grew up having parents who were smart and didn't incorporate much of anything processed/sweet. My mom made almost everything by hand while I was young. I only knew what Oreos and ice cream were because of my grandma; who I am pretty sure was convinced that sugar did not make kids hyper. Which, we were hyper. After having junk.

Bless my mom. She kept her cool.

Anyhow, nowadays I am a mum. One of my privileges is creating meals for my family. As soon as Lolo was born I felt this deep conviction that I needed to feed my family wholesome, healthy meals that provided everyone proper nourishment. From time to time I've slipped into routines that mask themselves as easy but are in no way healthy.


For starters, husband and I are both lactose intolerant. We love dairy. Seriously guys. We used to live eat and breathe cheese, milk, creamy soups, enchiladas and anything else dairy-related.

But dairy/boxed foods bothered our stomachs. The positive side was what we were eating was easy on our pocket book and even easier to cook.

I began to feel this conviction, if you will, about what I was allowing myself to eat and what I was feeding my family.

So naturally I researched. And read. And took notes. And agreed with lots of ideas. Disagreed here and there.

Here I am still putting everything into perspective. Conflicted. Do I buy what is cheap? Therefore saving money and being financially responsible? Or do I buy responsibly by buying fresh, "clean", foods that truly do provide optimum nourishment and promote great health? Therefore being more expensive and causing our pockets to be lighter and less prepared for savings?

I've come to the conclusion that if I want my family to be focused on our faith in Christ and being obedient to the research that I have done on the types of packaged/prepared/fake food that I must not be ignorant of my knowledge. I must stand firm and provide my family with healthful, fresh foods.

Just a thought. What are you putting in your body? How are you promoting your health-and ultimately your faith by taking care of your body as God's temple?

I have had this post in my head for a few days. I figured it was insignificant for anyone else to care about. It is food after all. And food is not everything. Is it?

I feel a personal conviction to eat real. Fresh. Delicious. Food.

What are your thoughts on this subject? I'm very curious.

Happy end-of-the-weekend!

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