Monday, July 11, 2011

To be excited about Christmas in July?

Perhaps it is my hope for cold weather, ice, snow and frost on the windows. Drinking tea to warm my insides. Listening to peaceful melodies and crafting beautiful things with my hands. Or perhaps it is choosing the huge tree and planting it in a corner next to the fireplace. Bring all of the glistening presents that smell that magical cinnamon scent that I first noticed at the age of six.

My favorite part of Christmas is not the presents or wrapping paper designs but the decorating, rearranging, and amazing feeling of being swallowed up by loved ones being near. Laughter. Thankfulness. Spicy scents. Pretty colors. Everyone celebrating the life of someone who cares for us all very much.

I love warm weather. Oh how I do. I just love COLD weather even more! Do you not love scarves wrapped around your neck so pretty? And warm green tea? And the spicy apple-y, cinnamon-y, nutmeg-y smells.

Oh and the baking. Oh hush Michelle!

I almost forgot I was sitting in an air-conditioned house and it's 106 outside!

Happy Monday!

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Michelle said...

guess what? I so agree with your whole post. Lets both move to Woodland Park, CO and have winter all year!