Sunday, July 31, 2011


Life is busy around these parts. Whenever I get a free moment I like to list off all of the things that I am thankful for. Some things have already occurred and others have yet to happen. Let me start off with being thankful for-

1. My cozy bed with soft, cushy pillows and a down comforter that is so fluffy you can smell the Mountain Breeze laundry detergent. I am not one to cuddle on a pile of pillows or cuddle in a chair in my living room. I feel best when I am safely wrapped in my blanket. Perhaps it is a childish thing as I loved going to bed for naps. No where else would nor will ever do!

2. I am thankful for air-conditioning. Have you been to Oklahoma in persistent above 102 for over 30 days? A/C aka your first purchase you make when you live in a place like this; in the summer. H. O. T. By the way, our air-conditioning blows right on my face as I daze off to sleep...

3. I am, most of the time, thankful for sleep. These past two weeks have been a battle with my bladder, pillows and blankets. Pillows-because none of them seem to keep my back from aching and my head to feel in-tact when waking the morning. Bladder, well, who of you that are pregnant does NOT have at least one bladder battle each night? Oh hush Michelle. This is a thankfulness list not a complaining booth!

4. Right, number four. What was I going to say...? Oh yes I have it, I am thankful for the memory I have been given. Granted I remember about a third of most conversations and nothing of my priorities. If I write it down I cannot seem to remember where I wrote and on which notepad I scribbled on. This too shall pass, correct? ;-)

5. I am thankful for my child(ren). Lolo is bursting at the seams with kisses, giggles and love. I see her beauty and cannot wait to see her grow into an even more loving woman of God. She is quite spunky and loves to tell jokes. Not that we understand them all but we laugh along just the same. Second, I am thankful for this unborn child. He will be blessing as well. . . Like how I told you the gender? Want to know his name?

His name is Robert-William Jackson Graves. We call him Jack. Robert is my fathers name, William is husband's fathers name and Jackson is what we will call him. This name tradition comes from a long line of men on husbands fathers side. We thought it would be special to keep it alive. We call Jack a Scottish warrior. Let's face it, his entire name does sound warrior-ish, does it not?

I am off to read. Hope you's had a relaxing weekend.

Something to think about- your favorite Christmas baked goods. Then make them this week! It'll help keep your mind off of the roasting that the sun is doing outside your window!

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