Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ok, because I know nothing about HTML and editing I have accepted that my blog colors and design will be generic. My writing, however, will not.

Let me catch you up on the Graves household.

I'm pregnant. Up until about a week and half ago I was quite ill. However, after much research and trying different things; I feel better! It really could not have come at a better time too. I have kept myself much more active this pregnancy, which I can thank to working out and running/walking at least three times a week.

Now that you know how I'm doing I'll update on Loralittle and her fantastic speaking skills. She is so smart and keeps surprising me each day. Now, there are many moments where I have to admit I have no idea what Loralie is talking about. Her cheesey smiles and love for Graham crackers keeps me going. What a fun disposition she has!

Needless to say I consider running after Lolo part of my daily exercise. Fun, yes. Exhausting, yes.

My sister Sara, just arrived back in Oklahoma from a two-week vacay in Hawaii. She brought back many delicious items from her travels-including the famous and oh-so-de-lish Kona coffee.

She also brought back Moonstruck chocolate. Do you know what Moonstruck is? If not go to their tiny Portland store. You will find a shop about the size of your bathroom, however you will not regret being cramped in! Their goodies are handmade, smooth, rich and created for all types of lovers of sweet things. Sara brought me Mayan Hot chocolate-which is now my new favorite warm drink.

This brings me to my second treat that my parents sent back with Sara. Another little something I had never tried before. Yellow Curry paste. Empty the entire jar of it into a wok with chicken, onions and your favorite veggies and your mouth will enjoy!

Oh I'm dreaming of yellow curry now. I will blame it on the pregnancy. Ha.

Lastly, we are in debate at my house. Is this little babe a boy or girl? I say boy! What say you?

I'm off to grocery shop with coupons! More on that later...

Happy weekend!

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