Friday, August 12, 2011

Some days we feel strong and wake up with a renewed sense of optimism.

Some days we wake at 4am from a nightmare that completely changes our mindset and alters the way we think.

Some days things get worse. We not only wake at 4am but can no longer sleep. The our children wake two hours early with grumpy attitudes. Perhaps our children sense that we are not ok.

Today is a day I wish had started differently. Trying as I may to change my attitude to something that resembles hopeful and optimism; I am falling into a pit of sadness and negativity. I pray that the good things that have been entrusted to me will be my focus and eventually my grump will change to gladness.

Side note:
Yesterdays rain and thunder was superb. Walking outside in 68 degrees was the best treat all summer-even better than ice cream and pizza.

I hope your Friday treats you well. It is almost the weekend!

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Kayla Michelle said...

Hello Mrs. Graves! Just wanted to say I LOVE YOU & I hope your Friday did get better! If not, I hope your SATURDAY is an AMAZING one.