Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today I contemplated the word and meaning of being genuine.

I have decided that I must improve my genuine lifestyle. How I think, act, speak. It does not take much to become tainted by the views and ideals of others.

Oh by the way my daughter is what I like to call defiant. By nature what else would she be? She is just like me! And a little like Hubby. We love her even when she refuses food and tells us "nuh-no!"

Dear Lolo,

Don't stop being you. I will sacrifice sleep so you can wake early to play with Pooh Bear and piglet. I will even try my hardest to shove something other than bananas, cheerios and cheese in your mouth. I love how cheerful you are. I love that you are able to say that you love me. Most importantly, I love that you can feed yourself. Ha, that is a bit selfish of me, right Lo? Love you more than I love to complain or gossip. Mum is working on that so give me a tiny break.

Love Mum

Hope you have a goodnight. I know I sure am!

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