Monday, May 30, 2011

Why hello two people who read this! I have been on a somewhat unintentional hiatus as of late. Let me fill you in...but first things first.

I have been told, as of late that possibly I might be depressed or something to that nature. Let me tell you this is not so. I have skipped hanging out with friends and doing mostly anything normal because...well, I do not wish to go do anything! In my younger years (yes I am referring to last year because I am merely 25) I loved having people over every night, going places, spending quality time with friends. I miss it, however being a mum has taught me that first things first is my daughter Lolo and my hubby Brad. God has been making room in my heart to grow and learn that my life is not about me. My life is to serve Christ and my family.

I have also strayed away from "life"because I have been in almost constant prayer over my bad habit of gossip. It is a sin I commit very often unfortunately and in an attempt to stop I have been praying. Sooner or later I will need to put my prayer into practice, I know.

Lastly, I have had little to no desire to do anything but take care of my house (which I consider a hobby). I am also pregnant so this could attribute to the sheer exhaustion, nausea, incredible food aversions in which I was not aware that milk could make me gag. I know. Gross. I completely agree.

Well to wrap things up I hope you do not expect to see me much because as much as you all are important to me I have a family who are a (little) more important to me. Take no offense it was not meant to be anything but informative.

Ok well I'm going to go wash my hair for the first time in days and read Brown Bear Brown Bear to my sweet Lolo twelve times in a row.

I hope you are enjoying this sun! Go out and do some yardwork!!

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