Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Notice something new? That's right, my new slogan, if you will. Living simple is my goal for each day. I want this idea to drape down into the way I allocate the uses of my time, how I treat every person around me, how I spend my money, how I clean my house and most importantly how I value my daughter.

Of these various subjects I'm going to branch off of "how I spend my money." First of all, hubby and I have decided that in an effort to live more simply we are going to simplify what food we eat. We have themes for each night for our meals.

Can I just express how much fun this is?! I personally have become a lover of spaghetti night.

I have also become a lover of all things homemade-food at least!

In an effort to cut down cost I have resorted to handmaking dinner rolls (delish if you want the recipe), cinnamon rolls, cookies and hubby's fave-pumpkin muffins.

Benefits to homemade?

It tastes better (yum yum)
No preservatives
Potentially lower calorie (once you learn to substitute fatty milks for milk alternatives/lactose-free milk/skim milk)
Another low calorie trick for your baking goods? Applesauce instead of butter and or oils! Egg substitutes instead of eggs!

Who knew it could be so easy to bake healthier and enjoy more of what you love?

Tomorrow I will (if I have time) post a few recipes and some recent photos of my sweet-pea, Loralittle.


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