Monday, March 14, 2011

So much

So much to chat about and yet I cannot find words.

-Got a job at the local Y. Great place to be at! Talk about free Zumba, Body Pump and Kickboxing classes!

-I fly to the motherland aka Portland, OR tomorrow morning only to drive back cross-country to OKC. I'm so excited! Just my twinner and me for five days! Bring on the road and great tunes!

-the no sugar diet is not going so great. Such a discouraging subject! I'm so convicted by the need to quit but it seems so big!

-lolo is talking BACK to me! Most of all she's learned the word "NO." it is cute to listen to her though. :-)

Life is a gift. I'm so blessed. Not perfect. Not amazing. But life truly is a guft!

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