Friday, February 11, 2011


Well I have been diligently looking for jobs. I had my first interview in a long time, yesterday afternoon. We will see if I receive the job. The optimistic side is that it is interview experience.

It is so difficult to live in a town away from parents and family that could potentially help watch lolo while we are at work or have an emergency. Husband and I have decided that if I find a job that pays well enough (and that I love) then I will go back to work, however staying at home is much cheaper. Not to mention my stomach churns a little when I think I will miss out on many of Lolo's firsts.

Okay, so I am thankful!

Perhaps I will tell you what I am thankful for!

My husband-truly a great friend and very wise.

My family-love them! Both my family and Husbands family.

My house. A roof over my head while it has been so very cold.

Our old, raggity car. Truly has gotten us from point A to point B.

Food. There are people all over the globe who cannot provide enough to eat each day. I have a full fridge and cabinets and yet I complain I have "nothing" to make.

I need to remember to live life each day. Be thankful. Cherish those I love.

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