Saturday, January 1, 2011

(1) For the year of 2011 I have decided that my goals will all have one basic theme, discipline.

Discipline to read more of the Bible.

Discipline to make my health and my family's health a priority.

Discipline to spend time with and interact with Husband. Date. Nights.

Discipline to get away with friends. This might be a bit difficult. At the moment I am feeling quite alone. Hmm.

Discipline to love others and to remember mercy over justice.

Discipline to love myself. This is difficult at times- as we all know. I am my worse critic. I want to see what God sees in me and accept I'll never be good enough but that that is the point and yet I am still loved. Undeservedly.

Discipline to be genuine.

Discipline to be generous; whether with my money, time, energy or just to be a listening ear to a friend/stranger in need.

Discipline to get involved in my community/church. Sometimes I am so severe on "family time" that it leaves no time to be selfless.

Discipline to pay off debt. Obvious yet necessary.

(2)The Twelve Months of Fasting is about Husband and I giving up one thing each month that we consider a "necessity" and then reflecting on whether our lives are filled with things that we do not need in order to survive day-to-day life.

Stay tuned


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