Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little People and being a mom

Hi there! Remember me? It has been a very long time since I have written in here!

Seeing as the last time I wrote I was still pregnant with Jack I should say that he is now 14 months old and is as calm as I had hoped for! He is a pretty sturdy kid though..I suppose he would have to be with Loralie being his older and quite opinionated big sister.

As most of you know husband and I, along with our two little people, moved to Krakow, Poland early December 2012. We are settling in nicely and starting to learn the language along with the culture. To say it has been easy would be lying..but to say it has been terribly difficult would not be the truth either.

Anyhow I would like to tell you about what being a mom to two little people in a different country is like.

First wake up. Then you play. You go downstairs to the coffeshop you volunteer at. You meet new people. You talk. Then you take your kids around in your rusting and once valiant stroller to anywhere you like; last week we explored the castle just a couple miles away! The walk was tough pushing the giant stroller around in the slushy snow and ice..but I saw it as a great workout!

After you are done exploring and volunteering and bathing the kids and reading them their good night books and you give them their goodnight milk you brew a cup of tea and think over the day. You think about how truly tired you are. Then you realize how thankful you are for such a full life..and in the middle of your prayer you fall asleep.

Sunday comes around and your new friends (who are all great with your kids) take your kids off your hands and let you focus on the message at church. You help lead worship. You get to hear your little people learn their first Bible verses and your heart feels so proud it could burst.

I suppose there is more to this but right now I am so tired from waking early and playing all day.

I do promise mums do not spend their days eating bon bons and watch television...we make train sets and give horseback rides and teach our little people how make animal noises and what numbers are what and how to spell. We change diapers and spank bottoms. We tickle until everyones faces hurt from laughing so hard. We color with our little people are teach them how to draw balloons. We teach right from wrong and follow through with the directions we give. We help others in need. We love.

(As far as format, spelling mistakes and placement of words.. look past it to see the beauty of the story!)

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